I hate that you’re happy

Hate that you moved on

Without, me

Satisfaction becomes of you

So content, in control

How am I? you ask

Happily miserable

How can it be that

It’s not the other way around?

It is me to who fills your position

I take on the weight you carried

Weight that is now invisible to you

You walk proudly in it

You brag and stop people in the street you yell “look at me, Look at me, I’m blessed”!

While people continue to move when I appear

Energies transfered in the same wake of sexual pleasure

Passing your vengeful demons unto my sacred place

I beg to God for your sins

May I wrap it in gift wrap for you?

Sorrow in a pretty decorated box

Let’s switch shall we?

I will indulge in life

You indulging in isolation and silence

Shifting reaccuring

I want your power

The ability to love without consequence

must be nice.


Poem: Me



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