Hey Girl (Pt.2)

It was a beautiful summer night. The stars were shinning, the 80 degree breeze felt wonderful, and crisp. My top remined down on my new mercedes benz truck. Snob Alegra’s “I want you around” played through the spkeakers. I  couldn’t help but to sing along, this was a beat. “I want you around, around, i want you around, around, i want you around”. I was excited.  Excited to see Don, and excited to get a little loving. I knew Don and i were just having “fun”, but I’m starting to feel Don, i might want to take it further than just some great casual sex.

I made my exit on the highway, i started feeling nervous “I know Don looking too good, i thought “I hope he likes what I have planned”. Before making my way to Don’s I stopped by Bevomo for a alcoholic beveragered. Wine is my drink of choice, well wine and tequila. When I walked inside, it was empty, i expected it to be slow, judging on the time of night. I went on a search for a sweet red wine. They didn’t have any wine that i liked, so i decided on Apothic Red wine. I grabbed two bottles and headed for the cash register. The female clerk at the register was rude as hell. She chewed her gum loudly and had the nerve not to greet me. I had to initiate the greeting.

See, my mother taught me about manners and speaking to people, obviously this girls momma and grandma didn’t teacher her shit. Staring her in the face i slightly yell “Hi, how are you today”? She looked at me popped her gum and “Good” she replied with a snarky attitude, she started to swipe the wine bottles across the scanner. I thought to myself “damn this place has terrible customer service”. She then pointed to the small screen, and said dryly, “That’s your total”, she replied after scanning my wines I was outdone, this chick was a damn trip. “Is your manager here”? i asked “No”. I looked to see what her name was on her badge. “Well Ebonye,  it seems like you have an attitude”. She sighed “M’aam I don’t have an attitude “. “You must, you didn’t speak, and you damn near broke my bottles of wine swiping them hard across scanner, how can i reach your manager, is he or she available”? Miss Ebonye smacked her lips, grabbed a pen and a sticky note. Aggressively she  wtote down the number and handed it to me. “You should be happy you have a job, but you have the nerve to have an attitude”.  Ebonye crossed her arms, “Anything else ma’am”? “Yea, yo ass need to attend customer service training too”. She then stared at me, not saying a word. “This heffa here” I thought. I searched my Gucci purse for my wallet, i took out my credit card out and inserted it into the machine. Once the payment was approved I placed my debit card back into my wallet and zipped my purse closed. Miss Ebonye was lucky I didn’t knock her ass off in this establishment. She’s lucky I’m a christan woman and i have a dick appointment, or else we would have to move all the alchol back.  Ebonye printed out my recepit and dropped it in a plastic bag along with the red wine. She looked at me, she said nothing, not even a “Have a great night”. I was going to make sure to call her supervisor on Monday.

As i grabbed my bag, and said these words to miss attitude, “Get happy sweetheart, it will suit you better”. I then picked up my bag from the counter, twirled, and walked out of the double doors. No one was going to kill my vibe tonight………….

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Hey Girl!

(Story Contains Graphic Language)

“Damn”! i shouted as my Gucci Bloom perfume slipped from my greasy hands landing on my hardwood floor. Looking down at my ringing  phone was Tanisha, “I just talked to this heffa an hour ago”. The sound of “life is good” by Drake and future played as i started to shake my ass in the mirror. knowing the song would be over i decided to pick up “Hey Girl”  i let out a deep breath, “Tanisha, did i not talk to you an hour ago? what’s up? “Um, excuse me! i can call my best friend whenever i damn well feel like it, i don’t care if it was ten minutes ago, why do you have an attitude with me tramp”? “I don’t”, rolling my eyes “I’m trying to get dressed for my date with Don tonight”. i hear utter silence, did she just hang up on me?  “Uh, hello Nisha you there”? Tanisha sucked her teeth “Yea, i’m still here”, “Didn’t you hear what i just said”? “Yea, Yea i heard you, i was trying to think of how i was going to respond”.  This bitch was starting to piss me off “Go ahead say what you have to say, cause i know you have something to say, Tanisha”. I could hear the hesitation in her voice “Spit it out bitch”! “Okay, look i know you feeling Don and all, but i just have a feeling about him, i just don’t think that he is really interested, i think he is looking for something more, casual”. This bitch had her nerve, when she first met Eric i supported her, when Eric proposed, i was there, when she found out she was pregnant guess who was there? Me! this bitch was in the delivery room witnessing the worst horror show ever and now she wants to tell me about my relationship? Nisha was my best friend, my sister but i needed her to shut the fuck up, and support the Dick movement. “Here we go Nisha, same shit”. “Look i know, but when we went on that double date to the bowling alley, don stayed on his phone, he seemed like he didn’t want to be there, i just don’t want you hurt like the last time”. Water started to fill my eyes remembering what i went through with Dre. Shit i’m gong to mess up my freshly done make-up, i did an extra special beat for tonight.  i grabbed a tissue from my nightstand and dabbed my cheeks. ” Neesh i know you are worried and your looking out for me but i’m a big girl, i can handle whatever, its nothing serious, anyway we just having fun okay”?,  “Alright i’m not going to say anything else, i’m zipping my damn lips, you are right you are a big girl, a horny ass big girl, but none the less a big girl”.  I let out a chuckle “Shut up tramp, all my sexual needs will be met by the end of the night, don’t be jealous cause Eric had that little incident and ya’ll cant get down for another two weeks”.  Nisha gasped, ” I thought we weren’t going to bring that up”, she whispered “You know he is sensitive about that, plus he has a mouth, the dick is just a bonus”. ” Ewwww too much information”! We both laughed “Well i’m going to let you go i’m still trying to put the finishing touches on my hair”. “Alright now, that shit gone be all over your head in the morning anyway”. “Ha Ha! Whatever”!  “Be safe Simone”. “Okay Nisha”. “I love you”. Nisha replied  “I love you more”.

After the phone call i went back into the bathroom to apply edge control to my edges. I looked damn good tonight, i’m sure Don and i will get it popping when i hit the door, fuck it we can eat afterward. Laughing out loud i make my final twirl in my full size mirror ” “Simone you are a sexy bitch”. I blow a kiss to myself, grab my Gucci overnight bag and purse and head for the door.

Part 1 of 3 part series

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